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Learn About the Council

por Renato Luiz Abreu Machado publicado 29/05/2017 15h19, última modificação 25/09/2017 10h07

The Food and Nutrition Security National Council (Consea) is an instrument of articulation between the government and the civil society for the proposition of guidelines for actions to be taken in the areas of food and nutrition. 

Founded in January 30th, 2003, the Council has a consultancy character and advises the Republic President on the formulation of policies and the definition of orientations for the country to guarantee its human right to food. 

Due to its consultancy and advisory character, the Council is not, and cannot be, an administrator nor an executor of programs, projects, policies or systems. 

Inspired in the resolutions of the Food and Nutrition Security National Council, Consea follows up and proposes different programs, such as the “ Programa Bolsa Familia” (Family Allowance), School Meals, Family Agriculture Food Acquisition and Food and Nutrition Vigilance, among many others. 

Consea stimulates society’s participation in the formulation, execution and follow up of food and nutrition security policies. It considers that society’s organization is an essential condition for social conquests and for the permanent overcmoing of exclusion.