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Learn About the Council

The international performance Food and Nutrition Security National Council (Consea) aims to promote food and nutrition security with emphasis in the civil society participation. The Council is engaged with the human right to adequate food and food sovereignty to all people, as well as suggests orientations for the Brazilian government 


Important Definitions to be Known

Food and Nutrition Security, as a strategy or set of actions, has some guidelines concepts

Consea Functioning

Brazilian Legal Framework on Food and Nutrition Security

The national set of rules that governs and regulates decision making in food and nutrition public policies


Information that serves as official records

Explanatory Memoranda, Recommendations, Letters, Executive Summaries, Articles and Publications


Members of the Council

Consea is composed of 20 federal government representatives and 40 civil society representatives


Consea Functioning

Internal Regiment

Consea has an internal regiment that defines its operation rules. This document describes the purposes, organization and functioning of all Council’s instances