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The conference

The 4th National Conference on Food and Nutrition Security occurs in a relevant moment of the social mobilization for the human right to adequate and healthy food and for the sovereignty and food and nutrition security in Brazil.

As well as the advances, which have already been accomplished due to the firm political decision and intense social participation, the question of food was included, in February 2010, among the social rights foreseen in article number 6 of the Federal Constitution of Brazil.

For this reason, the phrase: “Adequate and Healthy Food: Right of all” was chosen as the theme of the 4th Conference, making it a great moment of celebration of the commitment of governments and society with the promotion of food and nutrition security.

There will be 2.000 participants, among government and civil society guests, observers and national and international guests. The choice of the delegation is done during the preparation stages, which involve municipal, regional, territorial, district and state conferences.

The 4th National Conference on Food and Nutrition Security will take place in Salvador, Bahia, from the 7th to the 10th November 2011.